Quality and Quantity Production Capability of Barrier Bac Plant

The Plant That Offers Quality And Quantity

Inteplast Group's 700 acre plant in Lolita, Texas

700-acre plant of Inteplast Group in Lolita, Texas

Established in 1991, our IntePlus® XF cross film plant is located in Lolita, Texas along with eight other Inteplast plants. The total area of our production facility is over 700 acres. Our plant is among the largest production facilities of its kind, and we have incorporated advanced technology into plant operations to ensure the output of high quality products. This plant has achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

With our own domestic production facilities, Barrier-Bac is able to offer products with the best quality and meet the changing requirements from various customers and jobs.

World-Pak Division

Barrier-Bac is one of the products from World-Pak Division. We provide various products to fit your construction jobs: IntePro (corrugated-plastic sheets), TUF building products (solid and expanded PVC sheets), and IntePlus (cross-laminated heavy-duty film and bags).