Patented Production Process

Barrier-Bac is made of the incredibly strong and high performing, co-extruded, cross-laminated XF film. Here is a look at the Barrier Bac production process:

First Process

The co-extruded film is blown from a three-ply resin structure, keeping the molecular orientation in the direction of machine operations.

First step: The co-extruded film is blown from a three-ply resin structure.

Second Process

The film bubble is cut at a specific angle by a spiral-cutting machine. Now the molecular orientation of the cut film is cross to the machine direction with a specific angle.

Second step: Film bubble is cut at special angle.

Third Process

Multi-layers of the spiral cut films, with orientations at opposite angles, are laminated together.

Third step: multi-layered spiral-cut films are laminated together.

The cross-laminated film has to go through a stretching process in different directions, so the molecules of the final products are isotropically oriented. This process highly enhances the strength of the film.