Barrier-Bac Products Line

Barrier-Bac series products: seam tape, vb and vbc film

Barrier-Bac products: Seam Tape, VB and VBC products

Barrier-Bac has a complete line of under slab vapor barriers including 11 mil, 16 mil, 31 mil Composite and Seam Tape for adhesive sealing.

The 31mil composite is to laminate a non-woven polypropylene geo-textile fabric to the 16 mil membrane for increased protection, puncture resistance, and friction interface.

Barrier-Bac and Barrier-Bac Composite products exceed the ACI 302 specification (thickness of 10 mil or greater) and have also been tested for permeability using ASTM E 1745 standards.

Barrier-Bac Product Line-up