VBC-350 Vapor Barrier

Barrier-Bac VBC-350 vapor barrier film

Barrier-Bac VBC-350 vapor barrier film

31 mil Composite vapor barrier with non-woven geo-textile fabric lamination. With the extra lamination, VBC-350 provides a mechanical bond with concrete when placed with geo-textile facing concrete pour (Peel Adhesion to Concrete up to 8 lbs/in). This bond greatly improves slab protection from moisture migration by maintaining tight contact with the slab, especially under expansive soil conditions where foundations may swell and contract.


VBC-350 offers extra cushion; tensile resistance and permeance for projects requiring extra protection from moisture migration. Typical use includes projects with expansive soil conditions, void formed slab and high water table.

Expansive soil is usually clay or shale that swells when wet and contracts when dry. The repeated swelling and contracting causes cracked foundations. Projects involving expansive soils require special foundations and void forms are usually used. The strong mechanical bond between the concrete and VBC-350’s geo-textile layer gives extra protection against moisture migration in expansive soil applications.


VBC-350 is available in standard roll size 6 ft × 150 ft. However, other colors and sizes are available upon request.

* Expansive soil problems are more severely affected in the following areas: Colorado, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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