Waterstop RS / Watersop HRS & Adhesive

Barrier-Bac flexible, expandable, sodium bentonite Waterstop for concrete joints use, with rectangular shape and half round shape

Barrier-Bac Waterstop RS/ HRS in coils

Barrier-Bac Waterstop is a flexible strip made with sodium bentonite and butyl rubber. It is designed to expand, upon contact with water, to form a positive seal against concrete. When applied to cast-in-place concrete joints, the seal prevents infiltration of moisture, below grade, in non-moving joints. Barrier-Bac Waterstop is available in Rectangular Shape (RS) and a Half Round Shape (HRS). Barrier-Bac Waterstop is not a self-adhering product. Barrier-Bac Waterstop Adhesive is required to secure Barrier-Bac Waterstop to concrete, metal or PVC (pipe) surfaces.

Barrier-Bac Waterstop Adhesive is specifically designed to condition concrete surfaces and promote adhesion when used with Barrier-Bac Waterstop materials. Barrier-Bac water-based primer for waterstop application, in one-gallon pailIt is a water-based, polymer, air-dry type primer. This engineered adhesive features high performance resistance to aging, excellent bonding with quick adhesion and solids remain in suspension with very little settling.


Barrier-Bac Waterstop applications include vertical and horizontal non-moving concrete joints, shotcrete foundation walls, areas around through-wall plumbing, utility penetrations, sealing around concrete pilings and steel H-piles passing through concrete slab. Use Barrier-Bac Waterstop RS (rectangular shape) for concrete 8˝ thick or greater with two rows of reinforcing steel and Barrier-Bac Waterstop HRS (half round shape) with vertical concrete 6˝ thick or greater and horizontal concrete no less than 4" thick.

Make sure to maintain minimum 3" distance between Barrier-Bac Waterstop to exterior surface of the wall.


Barrier-Bac Waterstop R S (Rectangular Shape) is 3/4" × 1" × 16’8" per roll, 6 rolls (total 100’) per case, gross weight 53 lbs. per case, 36 cases in a pallet.

Barrier-Bac Waterstop HRS (Half Round Shape) is 3/4" × 3/8" × 33’4" per roll, 6 rolls (total 200’) per case, gross weight 33 lbs. per case, 36 cases in a pallet.

Barrier-Bac Waterstop Adhesive is available in one-gallon pail that is shipped four pails (gallons) per case, 36 cases per pallet. Gross weight 8.5 lbs per pail.

Waterstop is sold by the case and adhesive is sold by the pail.