Protect from Moisture & mold
with the Superior Vapor Barrier

Barrier-Bac is a high performance, under-slab vapor barrier developed specifically for the concrete construction industry to block moisture migration through concrete slabs.

Barrier-Bac prevents moisture from entering slabs, reducing the health risks of mold and ultimately the cost of mold remediation. The barrier also protects against radon, methane, and many other soil contaminants.

Among the Inteplast brand names, Barrier-Bac is produced in our own plant in Lolita, Texas. Made in the USA and ISO 9001 certified makes it the best vapor barrier choice for your project.


The patented Barrier-Bac cross-laminated polyolefin films ensure superior performance, our vapor barriers exceed ASTM E 1745 and ACI 302 requirements. Along with the vapor barrier, Barrier-Bac also offers White Bond Tape and Double-Sided Termination Tape for installation use.