About Us


Established in 1991, our 700+ acre XF Cross Film plant is located in Lolita, Texas along with eight other Inteplast plants. Our plant is among the largest production facilities of its kind, and we incorporate advanced technology into every plant operation to guarantee the output of high quality products.

This plant has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

With our own domestic production facilities, Barrier-Bac is able to meet the changing requirements from project to project with high quality products.


Barrier-Bac is one of the products from Inteplast Group which produces various solutions to fit your construction jobs: corrugated-plastic sheets, solid and expanded PVC sheets, and cross-laminated heavy-duty film and bags.

The Inteplast Group is proud to present a wide range of products designed with a strong commitment to excellence and integrity. We’ve built a synergistic and diverse product line as well as integrated services to better serve the construction and building materials market.

Alongside the under slab vapor barrier, Barrier-Bac, we also produce XF Film which can be used in applications for landfill liners and caps, impoundments, secondary containment and mining. Our diversified product units work together to cover a wide range of needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
At Inteplast, every customer benefits from the company’s commitment to quality, people, and resources.