Prevents Mold

As the superior vapor barrier, Barrier-Bac prevents mold from entering slabs, reducing the health risks to those at home or working in the building. The barrier also saves money for homeowners or property managers in the long run by reducing or eliminating the cost of mold remediation later.

Our Mechanical Bond Makes
The Superior Vapor Barrier

Our Barrier-Bac Composite products provide a mechanical bond with concrete through the extra lamination of our geo-textile fabric. When concrete is poured over the composite vapor barrier, the geo-textile lamination adheres to the concrete to prevent pocketing.

Pocketing occurs when soil settlement allows water to migrate between a standard smooth surface vapor barrier and the concrete slab, creating pools of water directly in contact with the slab. Because of the mechanical bond and excellent peel adhesion of Barrier-Bac composite product, pocketing cannot occur. Contractors find this most valuable for projects with a high water table, void-formed slab, or expansive soil conditions.

More Friction = Less Shifting

The ribbed surface of Barrier-Bac has three times more friction than the competitor’s smooth surface. This surface increases the overall strength and adhesion of the vapor barrier to concrete. It creates a mechanical interface that, when overlapped and sealed, locks the film in place and reduces shifting. This double seal greatly reduces the water vapor drive between our films when compared to the competitor’s flat film seams. As an additional benefit, the texture reduces the risk of falling for those walking on the slab.

Patented Cross lamination

At Barrier-Bac, we cross-laminated our vapor barriers during manufacturing. This patented process provides superior performance and strength with high puncture, tensile resistance and low permeance. Click to see more about our patented process.

Additional Benefits

Barrier-Bac also acts as a vapor barrier against Radon, Methane and other harmful gases. It works together with your ventilation system to add a level of protection to your building from these gases. Barrier-Bac vapor barrier also acts as a physical barrier that reduces the risk of termite infestation.