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VBC-90 (18 mil) Floor Protection provides excellent temporary protection for installed floor systems including decorative concrete, ceramic tile, versatile pavers, wood and composite floor systems.

It is a cross-laminated polyethylene membrane laminated with a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile. The composite is tough, durable and can withstand harsh construction environments. Compared to paper floor protection, the polypropylene fibers do not absorb the stain from decorative concrete and do not scratch wood, tile or other finished floor systems. The fuzzy fibers also provide room for more air circulation. Water will not deteriorate VBC-90 like it will paper floor protection.

VBC-90 (18 mil) Floor Protection should be installed with the shiny plastic side up. It is can guard against construction related damages, foot traffic, spills, paint drips and debris.


VBC-90 is available in standard roll, black color, and size 6 ft × 150 ft.

Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.

VBC-90 Technical Information